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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Birmingham’s Vivo Biosciences among The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations of 2012

Birmingham’s Vivo Biosciences among The Scientist’s Top 10 Innovations of 2012

Birmingham, AL -- Birmingham-based biotech company Vivo Biosciences’ product has been named among the top 10 innovations of 2012 by The Scientist magazine.

Vivo BioSciences (which makes HuBiogel, a human-derived biogel matrix) won the award for its product HubioGEM, jointly developed by Global Cell Solutions (which makes the GEM magnetic microcarrier).

Dr. Raj Singh, CEO, Vivo BioSciences
Dr. Raj Singh, CEO, Vivo BioSciences
“The platform proposed herein sounds like it will overcome the challenges of 2-D systems, which can be poor predictors of in vivo activity and inaccurate in their representation of tumor cell–microenvironment interactions”, says Andrew Mazar, one of the competition judges.

Eric Murphy, who works on cancer pharmacology at the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Foundation in San Diego, California, says, “We do a lot of our drug combination screens in this format now, and we’re seeing a lot of therapeutics you would have skipped over in our traditional screens.”  “I think it’s getting us closer to predicting what will happen in vivo”, says Murphy.

“My colleagues and I at Vivo Biosciences are honored to receive this recognition from The Scientist,” commented Vivo BioSciences CEO, Dr. Raj Singh.  We expect 3D HuBiogel and HuBioGEM assay systems to play a key role in identifying  better, effective drug candidates and thus in reducing drug development costs.”

The Scientist announced the winners of its 5th annual Top 10 Innovations competition on December 3.
Continuing its mission of “Exploring Life, Inspiring Innovation,” The Scientist invited members of the life science community to submit descriptions of technological advances that made a direct impact on research in 2012.
Taking top prizes this year are a company that offers syn bio à la carte at fast-food prices; two different DNA sequencing machines; stem cells made to order; two high-tech cell culture and imaging systems; photo-morpholinos; a new luminescent reporter protein; an extremely versatile digital camera; and a killer organize-your-lab app.
This year's winners:

1) Biofab (Gen9)
2) Ion Proton System (Life Technologies)
3) MYCell Services (Cellular Dynamics International)
4) Labguru (BioData)
5) MiSeq (Illumina)
6) ONIX Microfluidic Platform (CellASIC)
7) NanoLuc Luciferase Technology (Promega)
8) XSCELL Digital Scientific Camera (Photonis)
9) Photo-Morpholinos (Gene Tools)
10) HUBIOGEM + The BIOwiggler (Vivo Biosciences + Global Cell Solutions)

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