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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Share and Care Foundation USA - four years of charity

By Madhu Shah

Share and Care Foundation USA was established in Birmingham, Alabama four years ago. It has grown its network of volunteers over five countries. Now in its 4th year, it has picked up very good momentum.

Share and CareBeing a small charitable entity, it has made the difference in communities at home and abroad.  Our community has done tremendous job in supporting some of the projects we do. The donations as small as $100 is put to work 100% with no overhead cost.  One can completes entire project for that amount or if the project requires larger funds, Share and Care matches the fund up to 50% to complete the project. We are always looking for volunteers and donors for various projects.

Our mission of this foundation shall be to obtain resources, including funds, money and property to provide help and assistance to people who are in need of health care, educational benefits, or any other personal needs for which they cannot provide for themselves. The foundation shall conduct as a benevolent non-profit organization, the benevolences of which are, however, expressly limited to charitable, scientific, literary, health care or educational purposes.

Share and CareWe are a non-profit charitable Alabama based Corporation with zero percent overhead, providing highest possible value to the community of United States of America, India, United Kingdom, Canada and South Africa. All donations to Share N Care are tax deductible under IRS Code 501(C). At present, Share and Care has operating Centers in Birmingham AL, Atlanta & Augusta GA, Houston & Dallas TX, San Francisco CA and Saint Louis MO.

Our motto is “Service to Mankind is Service to God”.

Education Service Projects:

  • Share and CareProvided fees, books and uniforms to more than 215 students of primary schools, high schools and K.G Schools
  • Supported education programs of 15 primary schools, 3  high schools and 5 Kinder Garden Schools
  • Installed 15 Ceiling Fans at 6  primary schools
  • Provided funding for tree plantation and garden to two schools
  • Provided class room supply and Breakfast/Lunch funding to Handicapped School
  • Provided Library Books to 3 Primary Schools and 3 Kinder Garden Schools
  • Providing Sitting Benches/ Carpets to 2 primary schools
  • Provided Winter Jackets to 3 primary schools

Note: your $10 donation can support 3 primary school students or 2 high school students and donation of $50 can support one college student (in India).

Medical Service Projects:Share and Care

  • Held Community Health Fairs in 2007, 2008 & 2009
  • More than 23 medical Doctors, 15 medical students & 25 volunteers provide their services
  • More than 130 people participated during Health Fairs
  • Provided Prescription medicines to needy families
  • Provided Dental Services to 16 needy patients
  • Provided Prescription medicines to five needy families
  • Provided Medical Services to 15 needy patients
  • Held 2 Free Medical Camp in remote Village of India; More than 4 Doctors and 12 volunteers provided their services. About 185 families participated. Provided prescription medicines to 76 families at no cost.
  • Provided Prescription medicines to 30 needy patients for one year
  • Provided Dental/Medical Services to needy families
  • Held another Medical Camp at Sagabara India; More than 21 Doctors and 30 volunteers provided their services, More than 930 patients participated, Blood Work-48, Sonography-33,Dental Extraction -30, Eye Glass provided-125,Denture-6,Blood Sugar -42, ECO-26, Cardiogram Monitoring-5,Cloth Donation-74 patients
  • Held three Dental Screening Camps in India. More than 4 Doctors and 10 volunteers provided their service, which includes dental checkup, oral cancer screening and dental sealant... About 85 High School students, 90 College students and 75 High School Girls participated. Provided Dental Kits (includes toothpaste, tooth brush and tongue scrapper) to each student.

Share and CareCommunity Service Projects:

  • two new sewing machines to families of a village to establish their own business.  
  • household items and food items to 110 needy families
  • Major Medical Insurance to 8 families
  • food assistance, canned food boxes, flash lights, water bottles and other house hold goods to Salvation Army and Jimmie Hale Mission’s homeless people
  • assistance to people to go to Hospital, Doctor’s office, Nursing Home, Airport, and Church
  • Provides funding for about 1400 dinners and volunteering services to serve food to homeless people at Salvation Army
  • Held a Community Garage Sale and donated 30 boxes of usable goods and furniture to Salvation Army.
  • Musical Evening set for dental camp’s project support
  • Habitats for Humanity: 17 volunteers supported home construction project.
  • Crispy Cream Donut sell set for dental camp’s fund raising program
  • Donated 26 boxes of house hold goods and 15 boxes of breads to Jimmy Hale Mission
  • Summer Cleaning at Green Valley Elementary School done by 21 volunteers

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