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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Editorial September 2009

Pravasi Herald brings this very special issue to you to celebrate its half-year anniversary.  We chose the subject matter carefully, subjects that will be of major importance in coming times.  The drought in India is causing havoc. The water level is dropping to alarming levels.  The big players in Agriculture arena such National Agro Foundation will play a big role in coming months and years.

The political appointment of an Indian in Alabama, though ceremonial, is to be lauded and recognized.  It is a great platform for National Agro Foundation to make a difference in US, as well as an inspiration for our young generation with political aspirations to try their hand in Alabama politics.

Application of Internet Technology to reach the masses in rural India to solve the information gap and bypass the middlemen is being experimented on a large scale by an NRI Sriram Raghavan.

Indians have much higher incidence of diabetes according the latest study in 2008 by Mayo researchers.  An estimated 32 million Asian Indians have been diagnosed with this condition, and some experts expect this number to double over the next 30 years.  We bring to you an MD’s perspective from Dr. Prakash Kansal and an educator’s and a dietician’s perspective from Mrs. Suma Vitta on how to recognize and manage diabetes.

We have an article on ‘Identity Theft’ – a must-read – so we don’t become a victim of Identity Theft ourselves.  The article has been graciously provided from Terrell Herzig who is the Information Security Officer for UAB Health System and HIPAA Security Officer for UAB.

Dr. Pravin Kotian has written a beautiful article on Ganesh Chaturthi. Dr. Anantharamaiah shared a beautiful poem by Rabindranath Tagore with us. Dr. Shanta Bantia made available the article on Jainism.

On a younger note, we congratulate our young writers Priya and Smriti – who took the initiative to write the essays on ‘India’s Independence Day’ - for writing such beautiful and informative essays.

The writers and artists who submit the articles and artwork for publication open a part of themselves to your scrutiny.  There is an inherent bravery involved in doing that.  We approach our work with a sense of honor.

Chief Editor
Kusum Singh
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