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Monday, January 25, 2010

Pioneer Cardiologist Dr. Navin C. Nanda honored by American College of Cardiology

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Dr. Navin C. Nanda, Professor of Medicine and Director of the Heart Station/ Echocardiography Laboratories at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama, a nationally and internationally renowned cardiologist, was selected by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) to receive one of their Distinguished Awards, the 2010 International Service Award.

The Award is given “for outstanding contributions to cardiovascular medicine and science and for significantly enhancing cardiovascular care throughout the world.” Dr. Alford A. Bove, President of the College, wrote to Dr. Nanda, “You have been selected to receive this award . . . because you have been a true role model for others to follow in your footsteps. You have made great contribution to the College and to the international cardiovascular community.” The Award, which will be presented to him on Monday, March 15, 2010 at the ACC annual meetings in Atlanta, Georgia, is not given every year. Dr. Nanda was also bestowed the honor of “Cardiologist of the Millennium” by the World Congress of Clinical, Preventive and Geriatric Cardiology held in Delhi, India, September 29-October 1, 2009. The Award was given by Honorable Tejinder Khanna, the Lt. Governor of Delhi and recognized the pioneering and innovative contributions made by Dr. Nanda in the field of cardiology over the past several decades.

  image Dr. Navin C. Nanda (left) receiving the “Most Outstanding Medical Teacher of the Millennium” Award from Dr. Rajan Manjuran, President-Elect of the Indian College of Cardiology. Dr. Anita Saxsena is on the right.

Not to be outdone, the Indian College of Cardiology at their annual meeting held in Lucknow, India, October 30-November 1, 2009, gave him the “Outstanding Medical Teacher of the Millennium” award. In addition, the Chinese American Heart Association (CAHA), the largest organization of American cardiologists of Chinese origin, has bestowed its Distinguished Special Award on Dr. Nanda, the pioneer of echocardiography, for his ‘vision and pioneering work in organizing the American Association of Cardiologists of Indian Origin.’ This, said the CAHA, “inspired us to form the Chinese American Heart Association” and also thanked him for his “invaluable support and friendship”. Dr. Shuping Ge, President of CAHA who informed Dr. Nanda of the award, said the decision to honor him was by a “unanimous vote by the board members and committee chairs of the CAHA.” Dr. Navin Nanda has had a distinguished career as a master teacher, pioneer and innovator in various aspects of echocardiography and clinical and preventive cardiology. He has been recognized with unique honors by cardiology and echocardiography societies of many diverse countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America and the Middle East. He has also received awards from the Governments of several countries for outstanding contributions in cardiology. He has presided over more than 16 World Congresses of Echocardiography and World Congresses of Cardiology during his distinguished career. He has trained thousands of physicians, echocardiographers and technologists not only in this country but also several other countries throughout the world including India and has conducted teaching conferences at least three times a year in this country and several conferences in other parts of the world. He has served with distinction as the Editor-in-Chief of the Echocardiography Journal for the past 20 years. He has published nearly 1000 papers including 10 books on echocardiography some of which have been translated into French, Greek and Spanish. In addition, he has to his credit several teaching video-textbooks and CDs. He has also given over 2000 scientific lectures and Visiting Professorships. In addition to being a full Professor at the University, he also holds the title of Senior Scientist at the Minority Health and Research Center, Senior Scientist at the Center for Health Promotion in the School of Public Health and Senior Scientist at the Center for Aging in the same University. He is the Founder and President of the International Society of Cardiovascular Ultrasound, Past President of the Society of Geriatric Cardiology, Past President of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin and the Founding President of the American Association of Cardiologists of Indian Origin. He was awarded the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2006. In addition to many pioneering contributions in echocardiography, he also led a mammoth task of organizing the first ever large scale survey of Asian Indians settled in the USA for the prevalence of various diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and coronary artery disease and found the prevalence of these diseases higher than in other USA ethnic groups and higher than in Indians living in India. Some of the citations he has received have named him “The World’s best and most respected echocardiographer” (from Chinese Society of Ultrasound in Medicine) and “unique in that he has become a legend in his own time” whose “pioneering work has significantly altered the way cardiology is practiced in the world today” (from Brazilian Society of Cardiology). He has been cited in the book “The Best Doctors in America” consistently every year since 1994. He was also the first recipient of the Tufts University (Boston) Award in echocardiography. He was honored as the “Prince of Echocardiography of the Heart” by the Italian Society of Echocardiography. This unique award had not been given to anyone in the past. He was also the recipient of the Andreas Gruntzig Award presented by the Swiss Society of Cardiology. Dr. Nanda said, “He was most proud and at the same time most humbled by these two Outstanding Awards given only a month apart by two very prestigious groups in India”.

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