Thursday, June 27, 2019
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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

If I could change the world ...

Manu Pareek
5th Grade
Gainsville GA
If I could change the world I would make free candy stores all over the world.

I would send an expedition to Jupiter and Saturn. 
All the apps on the Google Play and Apps Store would be free.
It would be a law to have at least 8 candy stores in one county.
The NFL and NBA would last all year long. In the NFL there would be 2 Super Bowls instead of one.
I would tell scientists to work on a way to make cars fly.
In the malls, there would be mini cars so people didn't have to walk.
At least two hours of exercise would be  required.
I would make the most trusted people the leaders of the world.
The climate would genetically engineer pigs that fly.
The world would be the most peaceful it has ever been.

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