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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

May/June 2010 - Readers Say

Article: Beyond the Bible Belt: The Expansion of Indian-American Community

This is an excellent analysis. After coming back from a visit to Italy where I see the different churches associated with particular saints, your analysis is excellent. Indian way of (un)organized religion is different. The US is a great country for allowing people to practice whatever religious beliefs they have. Pl. continue your work.

Chetan Sankar
Article: Ramanujan
Great Article.

I will give two more references.
(1) The man who knew Infinity, A life of the genius Ramanujan by Robert Kanigel
(2) Maths for fun-Read “The Trachtenberg speed system of Basic Mathematics”, by Cutler and McShane. Write to The mathematical Association of America, 1529 Eighteenth Street, N.W. Washington , D.C 20036

Vaman G.Mudgal, Ph.D
Article: Hindu Scriptures The Smritis (Part II) -

Very good information. It truly enlightens the knowledge on various scripts we have and what they are meant to be. Thanks for sharing this detailed information in well organized format.

Spotlight Article on Bhavani Kakani -

Good one. I knew Bhavani Kakani for a while, but not all her services and achievements. Glad to read about such great personalities here and there. I would personally appreciate Pravasi Herald for this wonderful article.

Venky Gadde
Spotlight Article on Bhavani Kakani -

She did all the things on her own initiative. She came to this country 17 years of age and served community selflessly Indian as well as Main stream. It is remarkable One person can do so much. She is an Inspiration and a Role model for Older and Younger Generation. Congratulation to You for bringing to others attention.

Dr. Prasad Rao Kakani

You are doing a great job enhancing and expanding Pravasi Herald.  It is indeed commendable and admirable how you are developing Pravasi Herlad at such rapid pace.

Srinivasa Rao Mentreddy
Professor and Program Coordinator, Plant Science and Molecular Genetics
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Alabama A&M University, Normal, AL 35762
President, Association of Agricultural Scientists of Indian Origin (AASIO)

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