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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Indonesia gifts US a Saraswati statue

WASHINGTON: Indonesia has presented a 16-feet statue of Saraswati, a Hindu goddess of education and wisdom to US capital Washington DC as a gift.

The statue stands on a lotus flower and is a block away from the Indian Embassy in front of a statue of Mahatma Gandhi erected in the capital city several years ago.

The statue is yet to be formally inaugurated but has already become an attraction for city residents and tourists who visit the city every day.

“Devi Saraswati is one of the Goddesses in Hinduism, the primary religion practiced among the Balinese people in Indonesia, which itself is the world’s largest Muslim-majority country,” a spokesperson from the Indonesian Embassy said.

The statue was first erected in Bali before being flown to the US capital in early April 2013.

 “It is hoped that the statue could promote the importance of mutual understanding within a diverse society we are increasingly seeing today,” the spokesperson said.

The installment of the statue was initiated by Indonesian Ambassador to the US, Dr. Dino Patti Djalal with the support of the chairman of the National Economic Committee as well as the Badung regent in Bali.

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