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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Indian mission in London to find out about Britain’s new visa proposal

New Delhi -- The Indian High Commission in London has been asked to seek official information on reports that the British government is planning to collect 3,000 pounds (Rs.2.8 lakh) from Indian citizens for a six-month visa from November.

"We have seen media reports about the UK planning to implement a scheme which may have implications for some Indian nationals who may intend to visit the UK later during the year," an official source said Tuesday.
"We have requested our High Commission in London to seek official information about this matter," the source added.
The information would be assessed as well as its implications. 
"Should it be required, we will discuss this at the India-UK consular discussions which are expected to be held next month," an official source said.
Under the proposal, visitors from India, Pakistan, Nigeria and other Asian and African countries deemed "high-risk" will be forced to pay a hefty cash bond of 3,000 pounds before they can enter the UK.
According to a Sunday Times report, the British government is planning to launch a scheme from November targeted at visitors from six countries, including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Ghana.
Tourists aged 18 and over would be forced to hand over 3,000 pounds for a six-month visit visa, which they will forfeit if they overstay in Britain.
The proposal has been criticized in India, including by business houses, who said the move would dampen the flourishing relationship between India and Britain. 

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