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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

February 2011 - Readers Say


I have enjoyed reading Pravasi Herald and plan to remain on your email list forever.

Susan Jackson
Executive Director
Rotary club of Birmingham

Thank you for the great service you do.

Narsimha Boorgu, M.D.
Florence, AL

Accent Neutralization

Thankee for sharing this information. You guys have made a swell website.

Protein offers new clue to cause and treatment for kidney disease

  • I’m glad that I’ve found your web site. What a fantastic blog!! I loved how detailed each of the entries were. They were well balanced - fun and informative - and the pictures were great too.
  • It’s very exiting to find your website. I don’t have much to add to the conversation, but I’m right there with you. This post said exactly what I have been thinking. Good to see you posting

Understanding Cancer

If you get a chance be sure to check out this interesting article, I think that it could benefit everyone.

Kuchipudi: Indian Classical Dance form of Andhra Pradesh

Your article is very informative.  Congratulations.  I was under the impression that Kuchipudi originated at the village Kuchipudi, Krishna District till I read your article.

By the glaciers in Alaska

Beautiful picture and a lovely poem. I haven’t had the notion to cruise through the glaciers until now. Your description of the awe and beauty and the cracking booming sounds makes me want to go and witness the splendor.

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