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Monday, September 26, 2011

Dying Bonds

By Shwetha Mudalegundi

Amid destiny,

That burns the heart stricken by ill,

That let loose the strings, in bonds and ties


For wavering streams cripples the stones,

And yearns and yearns,

To hills of wills that disdains my crimes,

For graining grasses turns lifeless,

Clinging to streams


For the tormented world has blemished my coins,

Blocked me from soaring, to the world of compassion, to the kindling lands,

And be gone from this stricken world of mimicked pride,

That veil of immortal hunger, in striving crucifying horror


Labeled to serve, this prejudice stand,

Shall fault my plans, for to win a coin,

Shall suffer a million annihilation, in this undying curse of our realm,

For even loquacious talks can never decline this world,

For being one out of a billion, has dimmed wealth twice poised of ragged beauty,

In this maze, never ending never dying,

We seek the path, the path of destiny,

In one menacing frail bond

Shwetha Mudalegundi, is currently attending 8th grade at South Forsyth Middle School, Cumming, GA. Shwetha takes the challenges of being creative in writing essays, poems, and art.  Shwetha wrote this poem for the young writers contest.

This is a poem that tells you about those in poverty, those who are homeless, those who are hungry, and all they go through.

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