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Tuesday, May 03, 2011


By Thomas Marangoly


We will love the comfort and convenience of a direct flight from Atlanta International Airportto go to India rather than going via Houston, New York or Washington Dulles. This will make it even easier for anyone who lives in the Southeast region to fly to their favorite destinations.

The facts about Atlanta International Airport:

  • The Atlanta, Hartsfield airport has been the busiest airport in the world since 1998 when it took over the top spot from the Chicago, O’Hare. The Airports Council International, which governs roughly 1,650 airports worldwide, released a preliminary list of the world's busiest airports (numbers 1 through 30) on Tuesday, and there were some surprises. Beijing came in #2 behind Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport; Chicago's O'Hare airport overtook London's Heathrow for the third spot.
  • ATL has almost all other major airlines operating except, QATAR Airways, Emirates, Air India, Ithihad Airlines, Gulf Air, Kuwait etc.
  • Main hub for the southeast passengers (Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North & South Carolinas and Florida)
  • urrent FAA data indicates international passenger volumes at Hartsfield-Jackson could exceed 13 million by 2015


  1. Why Atlanta Airport is ignored by all these major airlines with all the above facts?
  2. It seems like only Delta can operate flights from Atlanta?
  3. Why the passengers like us have to go to other cities like Houston or NY to catch a direct international flight to India even though we do have such a great International Airport nearby with all the facilities to accommodate for any airlines and many passengers?

Therefore, we all have to do our share by sending emails and petitions to the authorities to start more direct flights from Atlanta International Airport soon.

Send your request (do not forward this email to the Airlines, create your own)  to the following 3 email addresses for Emirates. If one airline starts their operation from Atlanta, others will follow. Also, please forward this email to your friends and relatives in the region so that they can send email requests to the Airlines.

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