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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Beauty is not skin deep

Monita Soni

By Monita Soni, MD

We were all ruffled by the anti-Indian racist tweets when Nina Davuliri, the first Indian beauty was crowned Miss America on September 15!

Indian people like people from other lands have a distinctive beauty.

In their native DNA, Indians carry the compelling code of their ancient motherland.

Nevertheless, when someone stops me to question about dubious demeanor of a fellow Indian, I too am uncomfortable in my brown skin. I do not claim to be “conduct police”. We adults irrespective of race are human and sometimes errors occur unintentionally. But I do cringe when I have to defend a missed diagnosis, an unnecessary surgery, bad bedside manners, inappropriate behavior with patients or their family members, or irresponsible prescribing practice.

Fifty years back the Indians who immigrated to the United States were literate, industrious professionals: scientists, engineers, doctors, and physicists. They led an exemplary righteous life and set the stage for us to be assimilated into the American society with ease.

We Indians by large are committed to family life, excel in our professions, run philanthropic organizations and are emerging in political arena. A few of us like any other ethnic group get caught up in instant gratification schemes and forget about long-term consequences of  their momentary lapse in morality. I am deeply saddened by glib investment bankers/ self acclaimed financial planners target their own people to steal hard earned money. Media trail of personal immorality, banking, credit card and corporate fraud is disheartening. We are a minority and we get noticed! Lets not draw attention in a negative way.

It is my humble request that we all examine our conduct at home, at work, in places of worship and in the community so that no fingers are raised. We owe this to ourselves, to India, to America and to our progeny. I want our children to walk proudly in their beautiful brown skin!    

Monita Soni, MD

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Monita Soni, MD -- A pathologist in Huntsville, Alabama, diagnosing cancer in her day job. Reading and writing poetry is a passion that splashes her literally with a sparkling abundance. She is inspired by great twentieth century poets (Robert Frost, Keats, Browning and Tagore) and ancient Sufi poet like Hafiz, Rumi and Faiz. Her writing style weaves eastern and western cultures. You can hear her commentaries on WLRH Sundial Writer's corner.

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