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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Indian Vs German

Shared by Shanta Bantia

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Share and Care Foundation USA - four years of charity

By Madhu Shah

Share and Care Foundation USA was established in Birmingham, Alabama four years ago. It has grown its network of volunteers over five countries. Now in its 4th year, it has picked up very good momentum.

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By Thomas Marangoly


We will love the comfort and convenience of a direct flight from Atlanta International Airportto go to India rather than going via Houston, New York or Washington Dulles. This will make it even easier for anyone who lives in the Southeast region to fly to their favorite destinations.

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Dr. Jayprakash Narayan, Round table conference on Parliamentary affairs

August 2009

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February 2011 - Readers Say


I have enjoyed reading Pravasi Herald and plan to remain on your email list forever.

Susan Jackson
Executive Director
Rotary club of Birmingham

Thank you for the great service you do.

Narsimha Boorgu, M.D.
Florence, AL

Accent Neutralization

Thankee for sharing this information. You guys have made a swell website.

Protein offers new clue to cause and treatment for kidney disease

  • I’m glad that I’ve found your web site. What a fantastic blog!! I loved how detailed each of the entries were. They were well balanced - fun and informative - and the pictures were great too.
  • It’s very exiting to find your website. I don’t have much to add to the conversation, but I’m right there with you. This post said exactly what I have been thinking. Good to see you posting

Understanding Cancer

If you get a chance be sure to check out this interesting article, I think that it could benefit everyone.

Kuchipudi: Indian Classical Dance form of Andhra Pradesh

Your article is very informative.  Congratulations.  I was under the impression that Kuchipudi originated at the village Kuchipudi, Krishna District till I read your article.

By the glaciers in Alaska

Beautiful picture and a lovely poem. I haven’t had the notion to cruise through the glaciers until now. Your description of the awe and beauty and the cracking booming sounds makes me want to go and witness the splendor.

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January 2011 - Readers Say

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The Wonder That Is America

This poem is truly inspirational! It portrays, very vividly, all the natural beauty of America.

It also tells of the accomplishments and great character of her people. This poem could be dedicated to the troops who are giving so much to protect this wonderful land. It makes me proud to be an American, Dr. Mohan!

- Sucheta Kulkarni

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Some 40,000–50,000 Israelis travel to India each year ...

Shared by Rabbi Jonathan Miller

Some 40,000–50,000 Israelis travel to India each year (many of them “unwinding” in the country after completing military service), and are a very visible presence in the country. In some outlying locations Israelis comprise a dominant percentage of foreign visitors. Even in central sites such as the main market in Old Delhi it is not uncommon to see Hebrew signs and meet merchants who can converse with Israeli customers in fairly fluent Hebrew.

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Mysore Palace - amazing virtual tour

My Title

Shared by Neela Mudgal

There are 21 panoramic photos . Each photo has 360 degree virtual tour.

Click here to open the link

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September/October 2010 - Readers Say

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In the spotlight - Dr. Sanjay Singh on Entrepreneurship

Very informative especially for young enterprising adults starting their careers. Keep up the good work.

- Kishin Gehi

In the spotlight - Dr. Sanjay Singh on Entrepreneurship

Congratulations on Dr. Sanjay's interview. The program was very well done and presented.

- Udai Singh

CARNATIC MUSIC AND GOLF: So Diverse & Yet So Similar?

You are quite a gifted writer.  Your research and creative tie of golf to classic music is fascinating. There seems to be so many things that have mathematical similarity.  I'm sure you have heard of all the followers of Fibonacci series in the markets, and the use of the golden ratios to describe...well, nearly everything.  But your thoughts are some I've never heard, and your writing style provides a readily approachable path to an ultimately complex idea.

- Patrick Chitwood

Changing Trends: Are non resident Indians a.k.a. NRIs saviors of sorts?

Like the article.

- Ashwini Kadam

Seventeen Days in India - Some Final Impressions

This was indeed, an amazing article by Rabbi Miller. While most visitors get blown away by the €œhustle and bustle€ of today'€™s India, it's inspiring to see Rabbi Miller sift through ancient Indian history, culture, & values, and deduce his impressions on India and its people.

- HK

The Last Sari

Good flow to the story. For one so young, you have successfully discerned emotional nuances. I look forward to seeing more stories from you.

- Supraja (Huntsville, Alabama)

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