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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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February 2011 - Readers Say


I have enjoyed reading Pravasi Herald and plan to remain on your email list forever.

Susan Jackson
Executive Director
Rotary club of Birmingham

Thank you for the great service you do.

Narsimha Boorgu, M.D.
Florence, AL

Accent Neutralization

Thankee for sharing this information. You guys have made a swell website.

Protein offers new clue to cause and treatment for kidney disease

  • I’m glad that I’ve found your web site. What a fantastic blog!! I loved how detailed each of the entries were. They were well balanced - fun and informative - and the pictures were great too.
  • It’s very exiting to find your website. I don’t have much to add to the conversation, but I’m right there with you. This post said exactly what I have been thinking. Good to see you posting

Understanding Cancer

If you get a chance be sure to check out this interesting article, I think that it could benefit everyone.

Kuchipudi: Indian Classical Dance form of Andhra Pradesh

Your article is very informative.  Congratulations.  I was under the impression that Kuchipudi originated at the village Kuchipudi, Krishna District till I read your article.

By the glaciers in Alaska

Beautiful picture and a lovely poem. I haven’t had the notion to cruise through the glaciers until now. Your description of the awe and beauty and the cracking booming sounds makes me want to go and witness the splendor.

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January 2011 - Readers Say

Your Opinion Matters!

The Wonder That Is America

This poem is truly inspirational! It portrays, very vividly, all the natural beauty of America.

It also tells of the accomplishments and great character of her people. This poem could be dedicated to the troops who are giving so much to protect this wonderful land. It makes me proud to be an American, Dr. Mohan!

- Sucheta Kulkarni

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September/October 2010 - Readers Say

Your Opinion Matters!

In the spotlight - Dr. Sanjay Singh on Entrepreneurship

Very informative especially for young enterprising adults starting their careers. Keep up the good work.

- Kishin Gehi

In the spotlight - Dr. Sanjay Singh on Entrepreneurship

Congratulations on Dr. Sanjay's interview. The program was very well done and presented.

- Udai Singh

CARNATIC MUSIC AND GOLF: So Diverse & Yet So Similar?

You are quite a gifted writer.  Your research and creative tie of golf to classic music is fascinating. There seems to be so many things that have mathematical similarity.  I'm sure you have heard of all the followers of Fibonacci series in the markets, and the use of the golden ratios to describe...well, nearly everything.  But your thoughts are some I've never heard, and your writing style provides a readily approachable path to an ultimately complex idea.

- Patrick Chitwood

Changing Trends: Are non resident Indians a.k.a. NRIs saviors of sorts?

Like the article.

- Ashwini Kadam

Seventeen Days in India - Some Final Impressions

This was indeed, an amazing article by Rabbi Miller. While most visitors get blown away by the €œhustle and bustle€ of today'€™s India, it's inspiring to see Rabbi Miller sift through ancient Indian history, culture, & values, and deduce his impressions on India and its people.

- HK

The Last Sari

Good flow to the story. For one so young, you have successfully discerned emotional nuances. I look forward to seeing more stories from you.

- Supraja (Huntsville, Alabama)

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July/August 2010 - Reader Say

Thanks so much for all you do in keeping our community informed about all the events and opportunities!

-Steve Creel

I've just been looking at Pravasi Herald on-line--what a wonderful resource!

- Cathleen Cummings, Ph.D.

I really enjoy reading Pravasiherald. Thank you for encouraging our community to write articles.  I'm so thrilled  to see so many Indian leaders from different fields. Kusum Ji you are doing a wonderful job.
Thank you taking care of our community.

- Sudhakar Lakkaraju

Fantastic job with the news letter it has really evolved.

- Tanveer Patel

Very useful information for persons of any age planning to travel to India. I like the style which is very concise and to the point.

- Narayana Bhat

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May/June 2010 - Readers Say

Article: Beyond the Bible Belt: The Expansion of Indian-American Community

This is an excellent analysis. After coming back from a visit to Italy where I see the different churches associated with particular saints, your analysis is excellent. Indian way of (un)organized religion is different. The US is a great country for allowing people to practice whatever religious beliefs they have. Pl. continue your work.

Chetan Sankar
Article: Ramanujan
Great Article.

I will give two more references.
(1) The man who knew Infinity, A life of the genius Ramanujan by Robert Kanigel
(2) Maths for fun-Read “The Trachtenberg speed system of Basic Mathematics”, by Cutler and McShane. Write to The mathematical Association of America, 1529 Eighteenth Street, N.W. Washington , D.C 20036

Vaman G.Mudgal, Ph.D
Article: Hindu Scriptures The Smritis (Part II) -

Very good information. It truly enlightens the knowledge on various scripts we have and what they are meant to be. Thanks for sharing this detailed information in well organized format.

Spotlight Article on Bhavani Kakani -

Good one. I knew Bhavani Kakani for a while, but not all her services and achievements. Glad to read about such great personalities here and there. I would personally appreciate Pravasi Herald for this wonderful article.

Venky Gadde
Spotlight Article on Bhavani Kakani -

She did all the things on her own initiative. She came to this country 17 years of age and served community selflessly Indian as well as Main stream. It is remarkable One person can do so much. She is an Inspiration and a Role model for Older and Younger Generation. Congratulation to You for bringing to others attention.

Dr. Prasad Rao Kakani

You are doing a great job enhancing and expanding Pravasi Herald.  It is indeed commendable and admirable how you are developing Pravasi Herlad at such rapid pace.

Srinivasa Rao Mentreddy
Professor and Program Coordinator, Plant Science and Molecular Genetics
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Alabama A&M University, Normal, AL 35762
President, Association of Agricultural Scientists of Indian Origin (AASIO)

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March 2010 - Readers Say

Great job putting it all together in a easy to follow format. Thank you! Narsimha Boorgu Florence, AL ------------------------------------------------- Congratulations on your successful first year. I am interested in taking up the article on Kuchipudi. Please let me know the details on what kind of information/deadlines/etc., you are looking for. I will be happy to write up this article. Thank you so much for promoting Indian Art and Culture. We are fortunate to have people like you to help the community aware of our own culture. These kind of articles will help both young and adults too. With best wishes, Padmini Kantety Director for Center for Kuchipudi Art, Huntsville, AL

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January 2010 - Readers Say

You are doing a great job in bringing the Indian community in Alabama together with your professionaly-produced newsletter with timely updates.  I especially like your emphasis on showcasing succesful individuals from the community as that is inspiring to all of us. Thanks also for keeping us ‘up to date’ on the upcoming events.

C. S. Prakash, Ph.D.
Professor, Plant Molecular Genetics
Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL
You are doing a great job you are consistent. I am becoming a fan of your news letters I think you are giving your readers all what they need.

Tanveer Patel
President & CEO, CircleSource
Birmingham, AL

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November 2009

I really enjoy reading Parvasi Herald articles, especially articles by Suma Vitta ( food section) are wonderful and highly educational , Thank you for bringing this news paper to our community.

Sudhakar Lakkaraju
Huntsville, AL

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July Issue - Readers’ Comments

Congratulations for being the first the first news magazine in Alabama! It was very heartening to hear about this development and we wish you the best for success and growth. So far there has been nothing like this in Alabama and we thank you for the initiative.

Krishna Srikakolapu
Huntsville, Alabama

Let me congratulate you for this splendid publication that you are bringing out and for the very informative content on the website.  I am the current president of India Cultural Association of East Alabama (ICAEA) based in Auburn, AL where we serve nearly 500 members of Indian community around here including many students at Auburn and Tuskegee Universities.  I would alert our members about your website and the newsletter.  Please place me in your mailing list.

Dr. C.S. Prakash
President, India Cultural Association of East Alabama
Auburn, Alabama

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